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Recognizing that disputes are unavoidable is crucial to the satisfactory resolution of the issues in contention. Bluestone ADR offers innovative approaches to prevent disputes from escalating, and will help to preserve valuable relationships and avoid massive legal expense. Practical, effective alternatives to traditional approaches help achieve negotiated settlements.

Mediation is one form of alternative dispute resolution. Mediation is, by definition, non-binding. A deal is only reached if all parties agree to a proposal, otherwise, the conflict will continue.

Bluestone ADR offers:

  • Experienced mediators to act either independently or as part of a team of mediators, with complimentary qualifications.
  • Counselling and advice on negotiation and dispute resolution options to one or more parties to a dispute.
  • Assistance in the design and implementation of a mini-trial. This technique is particularly suited to disputes that require an evaluative means of settlement.
  • The design of dispute resolution systems and procedures for specific projects.
  • The identification and utilization of other neutral technical experts and lawyers qualified to issue binding decisions where necessary.
  • >The establishment of Disputes Review Panels.

Bluestone ADR offers competitive mediation rates.

Bluestone ADR provides its mediation services across North America.


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